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VW Trike

Please contact us at jr@jandshotrodasylum.com 
Thank you for your interest in our trike frame kits.
   VW trike frame kits require that you have the tools and skills to put them together.  You will need to be able to weld, cut, and grind steel.  You will also have to have a VW torsion housing to attach the VW trike frame kit, a motorcycle frame neck with bearings, and a motorcycle front fork. 
    These kits are made to be customized.  By changing the angle of the pieces you may achieve a very different look.  We start you off with a basic frame kit...then you get to turn it into the machine that you want, with no one else having a trike that is exactly like yours.     

Standard 2 seater VW trike frame kit.  Includes 9 pieces 1 1/2inch 14 gauge tubing, notched and bent,
6 brace pieces, and a CD with helpful hints on how to put it all together.
 $285 free shipping

Low Rider solo frame kit $250 free shipping.  Includes 8 pieces of bent and notched tubing and 3 brace pieces, as pictured.  Also includes CD for Standard 2 seat trike frame kit.  It is very similar to assembling a standard 2 seat frame kit.


Backrest add-on bar kit.
Floorboard bar kit.
Engine surround bar kit.

Here is the beginning of a Low Rider trike with a stock length chrome springer front end.

4 speed VW trike with Honda front forks and wheel, Harley front seat, Jeep rear seat,
and an emergency brake.

Hot rod VW trike with J&S Hot Rod Asylum custom frame, automatic
transmission, Harley front seat and tanks, custom rear seat.  Hauls up to 4 people. 

Custom made VW trike with old school lace paint.  J&S Hot Rod Asylum standard
2 seater frame, new chrome springer front end, 4 speed VW trans, 1835cc VW engine,
Harley seats and tanks.  Sold to customers in Missouri.  Happy riding!

2011 VW Trike with Old School Lace Paint

Dual port 1835cc rebuilt VW engine with new Empi chrome, exhaust, aluminum degree wheel pulley, Bosch 009 distributor & blue coil, Alternator, Engle turbo cam & lifters, rebuilt Solex carburetor.  Saddlemen saddle bags.  Vintique 1949 Pontiac tail lights.

J&S standard 2 seater frame with added floor board bars and sissy bars.

Custom lace paint.  Glass door knob shifter handle.  Harley Davidson seats and tool box.  12 volt battery is under black cover.  Chrome Springer front end.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or requests jr@jandshotrodasylum.com .  Thank you for your interest in our trike frame kits.
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