J&S Hot Rod Asylum is our place.  It is an asylum for hot rods, rat rods, hot rod motorcycles, and us.

Cool pictures

Rebuilt 1949-1953 8BA Flathead Ford 239cid engine with Eaton M90 supercharger at Springfield MO Antique Auto Swap Meet.  Custom J&S Hot Rod Asylum Blower set up and Adapter kit to Borg Warner T5 5 speed Transmission. SOLD!

Dual Holly 94's, Custom Exhaust Zoomies, 1 wire Delco alternator, Adjustable lifters, Isky 400 Jr camshaft grind, new old stock Melling oil pump, new .060 Egge pistons, Federal Mogul rod and main bearings, Clevite Cam bearings, Chevrolet distributor custom fit and curved on Sun distributor machine.  Runs great, sounds wonderful.

J&S Hot Rod Asylum 1955 White rat rod powered by 239cid 8BA Flathead Ford engine.  It started life as a dump truck.  The cab and grill were chopped, the "Super White Power" emblem from the hood side was put on the tailgate, and  most of the rest was hauled to the scrap yard. 

1955 White Rat Rod truck breathing fire. 

J&S custom interior on 1955 White Rat Rod truck.

Custom 2x4 frame on 1955 White Rat Rod truck.  9 inch Ford rear end, Vega steering box, custom made hairpins,  and pan hard bar.

Custom J&S interior in 1953 Chevy BelAir.

1953 Chevy BelAir Supercharged 235 6 cylinder with dual J&S Hot Rod Asylum
custom cast air cleaners.

1953 Chevy 235cid engine with J&S Hot Rod Asylum adapter to Borg Warner T5 transmission.
Shifter comes through the floor in exactly the correct spot.

1953 Chevy BelAir with J&S custom blower set-up and adapter plate for T5 trans.

J&S custom air induction system on 1959 Chevy BelAir.

1959 Chevy 235cid 6 cylinder uses custom J&S cast aluminum air cleaners and a Rochester AA carburetor.  Also running a Borg Warner 5 speed with a J&S Hot Rod Asylum adapter plate. 

1949 Ford with 239cid V8 waiting....gasser?  low-rider? 

1937 Plymouth Business Coupe waiting for it's turn.  Hemi?

1942 WLA Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

1929 Model A Ford on Peel Ferry in Arkansas.  What a great road trip!  The 2 blade fan came apart on the bridge over Black Rock River.  We were able to coast down under the bridge under a shade tree and were looking at it trying to figure out what to do when a great guy showed up and said he knew someone with parts.  He took us to the guy who loaned us a 4 blade fan and the soldering parts to fix the radiator.  Two hours later we were on the road again.  We mailed the fan back as soon as we got home.  Thank you so much!

1979 MGB pulling custom made teardrop camp trailer.  Isn't that cute!

1928 Ford Model A Coupe. 

Model A Ford Camshaft reground by Delta Cams in a B grind for more low end torque.

1928 Model A Ford Coupe with new interior.

Model T Ford engine and transmission newly rebuilt.

Model T Ford block and crank cleaned & rebabbited.

Model T Ford engine and transmission going back together.

J&S Hot Rod Asylum custom cast air cleaner.

1937 V8 60hp Flathead Ford motorcycle project.

It's always good to have a stack of blowers handy!

Potential VW trike.
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